Watch Olympus Has Fallen Free Putlocker

Watch Olympus Has Fallen Free Putlocker – The lead character, played by Butler, has had a fall a grace. In a more clichéd film, he’d be a broken, embittered alcoholic (e.g., Kevin Bacon in “The Following”) who happens upon a chance for redemption and salvation. Instead, Butler’s Secret Service agent is getting on with his life in a desk job, disappointed, anxious to be of more use, but not a shambling wreck of a human. He is a career professional, and when the events of the story take place, he reacts like a professional. The wisecracks are few (he doesn’t “kill n’ quip”) and understated, which makes them more effective.

watch olympus has fallen online putlocker

Watch Olympus Has Fallen Online Putlocker -The strengths of this film were the action (of course), the cast, the character development and the story. The action was graphic and realistic, the cast featured quality actors, the characters had enough depth to make us care about them and the story (though not original) did add more weight to the importance of what the protagonist needed to do. Add this all up and you had a film that had enough emotional impact to make you care about what happened, unlike many recent action films that seemed more like mindless video games than movies.
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Watch Olympus Has Fallen Online Free Putlocker – Overall the Action and Acting were Very Good. “Olympus Has Fallen” kept us on the edge of our seats waiting for Gerald Butler to come to the Rescue and he does in flying colors. And Morgan Freeman adds a lot of credibility in his supporting role. I’m so glad we picked this Movie to see over just another Animation Movie like “The Croods” Today.


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